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  • Bizzy Bee
  • FREE
  • YES we said Free!
  • Let's GetBizzy working your business with our Bizzy Bee package absolutely Free!
  • Easy Data Entry
  • Predefined Tasks
  • Calendar of Daily Tasks
  • Import Contacts from CSV
  • Email and Text Templates
  • Reach out directly from website
  • Compare Plans
  • Queen Bee
  • $15.99
  • per month
  • Step up to the world of the Queen Bee! All the power of the Bizzy Bee plus much, much more!
  • All the Features of the Bizzy Bee Plus...
  • APP for IOS and Android Mobile Devices
  • Even More Predefined Tasks
  • Create Your Own Paths and Steps
  • Income Producing Activites
  • Import from Social Media and Email Servers
  • Product Specific Emails
  • Compare Plans
  • The Whole Hive
  • $159.00
  • a year
  • Save money with the Queen Bee Yearly! Get 12 months for less than the price of 10 and new features!
  • All the Features of being a Queen Bee Plus...
  • The ability to Share Paths and Templates with Your Team
  • A Bulletin Board for the GetBizzy community to share tips, techniques, user created paths and templates
  • Business Training
  • Compare Plans
all about getbizzy features
paths & steps
import contacts
email/text templates
ios/android app
paths & steps
Set your prospects, customers and business partners on a Path and be reminded daily who needs attention
queen bees do you have an idea yourself? create your own custom paths and templates and share them with your team
paths & steps
The fortune is in the follow up
bizzy bee package limited to prospects and customers only
With our unique Path/Step program, you will be reminded who to follow up with and what your last activity was. The Queen Bee package not only includes prospects and customers but business partners and team management as well!
Import contacts from all of Your Favorite Places
import contacts
Import contacts from all of Your Favorite Places
bizzy bee limited to csv only
email/text templates
Sent right from GetBizzy
and the task is updated immediately, no need to record tasks and achievements seperately
Don't know what to say? No Problem! Our email and text templates are available for almost every task we have defined! Templates can be customized and personalized! And the best part is, they can be sent right from GetBizzy!
Mobile APP for Bizzy People
ios/android app
Mobile APP for Bizzy People
queen bee package and above
For bizzy bees on the go, we have IOS/Android companion apps for all mobile devices! Need to work during soccer practice? No problem, grab your cell phone! In the waiting room at the dentist? Pull out your tablet and get to work! Our companion apps make it easy to GetBizzy!
Wondering what to do next to build your business?  Our IPA task list will remind you to complete Income Producing Activites based on the speed you wish to grow your business.
queen bee package and above
Training and Education
queen bee yearly package only
Want to know how to overcome objectives? How to create a "Why" that will keep you focused and bizzy? Online articles and videos from top leaders in the industry will help you become a pro in no time!

our team

Our dedicated team has a combined average of 30 years experience in development, 40 years experience in multi-level marketing, 33 years of consulting and 50 years of managing people. You are in great hands with the GetBizzy team!